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Scrap Happy House: Getaway & Retreat - The biggest little scrapbook store you've ever seen!!!

I am so happy you visited today!! My  name is Jennifer Woolam. I have had a love of crafting and creating for as long as I can remember. I have made some of my best friends while scrapbooking! My friends and I would go on little adventures and weekends to retreats, conferences and conventions, but never really found the "perfect" place to stay.

That is how the Scrap Happy House was born. It was a risk...lots of people  didn't get it. (I like to compare it to a hunting, camping or fishing trip to the guys.) My friends and family were super supportive through it all and helped in the process. There was literally plenty of blood, sweat and tears!!

I am proud to say that the Scrap Happy House has far exceeded my expectations! I love hearing (and seeing in pictures) the fun times that groups have had while staying at the Scrap Happy House. It warms my heart when people THANK ME for having a place for them to let loose, relax, and laugh like they haven't laughed in years. It is such a wonderful thing and I enjoy it so much!

THANK YOU for staying at the Scrap Happy House! I will continue to make improvements and add more fun things, while keeping the happy and relaxed atmosphere!! Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!! I hope to see you soon!

...And remember, what happens at the Scrap Happy House, stays at the Scrap Happy House!
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