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Scrap Happy - The biggest little scrapbook store you've ever seen!!!

Welcome!! I am so glad you visited Scrap Happy today!! My name is Jennifer Woolam. I opened Scrap Happy in February of 2008. It has been quite an adventure!! I wanted a job that would be flexible and allow me to spend time with my family. I also wanted it to be something I LOVE!! So, that is how Scrap Happy came to be...from a small idea in October of 2007, to completion just 3 1/2 months later!

My family is SUPER important to me. Sometimes I just can't  be everywhere at once, so  occasionally I have to close early. If I do that, I will try to give advance notice via our newsletter, phone 814-223-4343, Facebook, or right here on the website under the Store info and Hours Tab.

And now a new adventure has begun!! The Scrap Happy House: Getaway and Retreat. I am beyond excited! My friends and I have been going on weekend getaways for years. We have never found a location that has perfectly suited our needs. This is how Scrap Happy House was born. Years of traveling, taking mental notes, and dreaming up ideas for the PERFECT house! And NOW, I get to see it come to life. I hope you all enjoy your time there. My family, friends, and myself have put TONS of thought, sweat, tears, love, energy and precious time into the Scrap Happy House: Getaway and Retreat. I can't believe it is really happening!!

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